Candidate Filing

In accordance with the state law and ordinances of the City of Pasadena Hills, notice is given that a
general non -partisan election shall be held in the City of Pasadena Hills, Missouri on Tuesday, April 6, 2021 for the duly qualified electors of the City to select one Mayor for a two year term of office and two  Aldermen, one from each ward, for two -year terms of office.

Requirements for position of Mayor (RSMO Section 79.080):

Employment Opportunities

The City of Pasadena Hills, MO is seeking a Street Commissioner that serves at the pleasure of the Mayor and Board of Alderpersons.

  • Must be qualified and be responsible for the making recommendations to the Board of Alderpersons for the maintenance, repair and reconstruction of the streets and public sidewalks and sewers within the City; for the supervision of performance of any maintenance contract for City property; for the preparation and presentation of a regular report to the Board of Alderpersons on the performance of maintenance contracts; and for such other duties as may be directed to be performed by the Board of Alderpersons.
  • The Street Commissioner may, from time to time, make written recommendations to the Mayor for projects which he/she feels are necessary or desirable, but no action shall be taken on such recommendations until they have been formally approved by the Board of Alderpersons.
  • The Street Commissioner shall report to the Board of Alderpersons and the Treasurer, at each regular meeting, all emergency repairs contracted for during the thirty (30) days immediately proceeding the regular meeting of the Board of Alderpersons.

Please send resume with qualifications to:
Mayor Kevin Quinlisk, City of Pasadena Hills, 3915 Roland Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63121

Vehicle Stickers

2018 – 2020 vehicle stickers are available. All resident owned vehicles parked within the city limits are required to have a vehicle sticker. You may obtain a vehicle sticker in 3 convenient ways;

  1. Complete the application (click View in Full Screen) download, complete and submit payment through ​​​​Return the completed application via email to or fax to 314-382-2760.
  2. Visit city hall during office hours to complete an application and obtain a sticker.
  3. After hours, you may obtain an application online or outside of city hall’s door and drop your completed application and payment through the mail slot.

For option 1 or 3, your vehicle sticker will be mailed to you the next business day.

Vehicle stickers are $10 each and are renewable February 15 every even year.


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